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Morgan Lavey



My name is Morgan Lavey. I am a creative professional with a passion for learning and development in all forms, whether it be onboarding or continuous improvement. I firmly believe that proper training and education is the core of success. I aim to create unique, engaging, interactive learning experiences in order to best equip learners. 

Some people hear "training" and groan. My trainings are interactive, both eLearning and ILTs, allowing learners to engage with the content in unique ways. My goal is to take the "groan" out of it by making it fun while still achieving identified learning goals.

I am extremely data-driven. In order for me to know if a training has been effective, I collect multiple forms of data including simple comprehension checks, role-plays, qualitative data, and observational data. Can the learner perform the task? Are they demonstrating the new knowledge or skill they obtained? If not, back to the drawing board for further development. 

I graduated from IDOL Courses Academy in 2022. This is where I learned everything instructional design, from concept to implementation.

I also graduated from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro in 2017 with my Bachelor of Science in Deaf Education and Special Education K-12. I have my Virginia teaching license in Deaf Education and Special Education K-12, with certifications in English and English Language Learners. I am fluent in American Sign Language. This role included designing instructional content for diverse learners, including English Language Learners. It gave me a passion for accessibility when it comes to complex learning.

In my free time, I enjoy reading, illustrating on my iPad, hiking with my dog, and cooking new meals. 

I would be thrilled to work for you developing impactful instructional materials that achieve your goals. Please do not hesitate to reach out.

I look forward to working with you!

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